P.S. I'm Nuts


So would if I talk to him why do you have to stare
Why can't anyone see him I know he's always there
Ok we always argue, yea we don't get along
But when we hear his story we both agree he's wrong

Deep in conversation walking to the store
No one ever greets him they hate me even more
He asked me for a quarter for what he didn't tell
But I find to my dismay its for the carousel

We sit there and we argue over who rides the cart
Or course its always me for I am just too smart
Through the frozen section I beg him faster please
Slipping on a banana peel he slips and skins his knees

Ok you think its crazy but its no big deal
What seems fake to you to me is always real
Welcome to my world the things you cannot see
Welcome to my planet the true realis P


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