Crack kills

Silence creeps and drowns my fears  Sorrow weeps and swims in tears

Painting pictures with my screams  Running faster in my dreams
Dark is black and black is mine  No where's comfort but that is fine

Ugly goblins with hairy feet  Pickled peppers taste so sweet

Dent up feelings about to burst  Expect a reaction expect the worst
All my feelings taste so gray  In the wind I feel them sway

Pretty pictures painted with fear  Soothing smiles are drawing near

Take my chances and tear them in two  Don't let anyone become like you
Sleep comes crawling along the floor   Stands knocking at your front door

Crack kills and so do I  I'm gonna kick you in the eye

Taste of pain on my tongue   The song of life is always sung
In my terror peace to find   Take it all I don't mind

Fear comes and steals my brain  All bad memories leave a stain

To end this race you gotta start  Squeaking wheels on shopping carts
Feel the breeze it burns your face  Blow your nose get rid of waste

Anger comes and I watch it raid  Count to ten until it fades

Pick me up and throw me away  Don't listen to what I say
People watch and people stare I have purple underwear 


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